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Originally posted on: June 11, 2015
Character idea stuck in my head for so long, but finally put down on paper so she can stop haunting me.

A Siren, like in Rainbow Rocks. Although this one doesn't bother with making ponies argue with each other to suck up the energy from their negative vibes to power herself. Too much hassle. Easier to simply use her song to make unsuspecting prey come to her whenever she feels peckish. Besides that she rarely leaves her cave. She take long snoozes dragon style. Being so subtle with her feeding and so laid back, doing her best to live unnoticed, she has managed to exist for quite the centuries to just mind her own business and grow.

The only thing to get her off her lazy bum would be anything threatening her cozy living or if prey are living too far away from her cave, to hear her song. She has temper and knows how to keep a grudge, but knows she can outlive most ponies she could have any grudges on. Then she can just chillax again without worries.

Been a while since I last made an albino character. I like how she turned out, especially for being a very first attempt to draw a Siren FiM style.

Anyways, enjoy!

Kirke the Pony by Ravenpuff

A Day in the Life of Kirke by Ravenpuff
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