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One of two lovely images I got for Valentine's Day, the first being the male versions of Applejack and Applebloom. Hope you enjoy it~

Drawn by Amara_Burrger
suggestive132822 artist:amaraburrger469 apple bloom47533 applejack162740 anthro240605 plantigrade anthro29062 abs9906 apple siblings316 apple sisters251 applebuck164 applejack (male)1039 armpits41842 brothers767 bulges390 clothes426667 duo52941 duo male443 holiday17105 male344365 males only3646 muscles10748 partial nudity18466 pecs605 pinup2866 rule 6325502 siblings7135 stretching2161 thighs10012 topless11688 valentine's day3078


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