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Commissioned by NaturalGlitch

NaturalGlitch adds: "I thought you were cool—no, great!—for awhile. Remember when you befriended Sunset and didn't act any different towards her when our memories were stolen? Um…of course you do. That was super cool, and, um, I like how confident you are and the dramatic flair you have is charming and—oh, geez. I'm rambling; she's gonna think I'm a weirdo! I had this prepared, and—she's turning around, what do I, I'm gonna die here—!"

Commissions Info:
If you're looking for a Pro Show accurate Hasbro High-Quality drawing, just DM me >; 3
No shitty vectorized, unproportional human/pony/dragon bodies with pasted EG/pony/dragon heads. I don't do cheap looking show accurate art variations, or other artist's styles emulations. You'll get a picture as if it was taken from a screenshot from an actual episode.

Commission Prices 2020

Commission Queue, you can track your commission progress, as well as your commission space in the list. LIMITED SLOTS.

If you REALLY like my drawings and want to support me go to my Patreon. My art will always be free, so no paywalls, because I won't ask for free money Like many other "artists" do. Please read the description carefully.
safe1617177 artist:metalhead97499 trixie64075 oc628221 oc:calypso kiosko6 equestria girls187832 autograph362 canterlot high2547 clothes426666 equestria girls-ified8914 female1287339 hawaiian shirt402 male344364 nervous5297 nervous grin951 paper3047 pen1151 school1667 shirt22458 show accurate11787


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