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Happy Valentines day! :D Hope you have had someone special to share it with, be it friend, family or an significant other -here in sweden it's called "All hearts day" anyway, so I see no reason why we can't celebrate all types of love. :)

Still, I figured I'd take the opportunity to introduce two of my characters who just came into being because I wanted to draw a romance. They've actually existed for a while though, I just hadn't gotten around to actually drawing them until now You can actually see and older Northern Skies here! And in case you're wondering about Lightning Strikes sudden color change, that ties back into my armor headcanon -basically, the armor is enchanted to alter the colors of the wearer. North isn't different, becase his country is almost all bat-ponies, thus not enough unicorns to enchant their armors.

Lightning Strike and Northern Skies are actually supposed to be in a bit of a drama filled story where they fall in love, but then is seems like their countries might go into war and they have to deal with that, but… I just didn't like drawing that story right now as much as a pure fluff one. I wasn't in the mood for angst. Something like that actually did still happen, and I just didn't include that part here. :)

Lightning is very cocky, sure of himself and a bit of a jock… who melts into a puddle whenever North gives him a hint of a compliment. Still, he likes to think that he's this super-cool, smooth flirt and North usually plays along to keep him happy. North is instead more quiet and likes the simple pleasures in life, such as cooking or tending to a garden. And making Lightning blush with lewd comments.
safe1555223 artist:jackiebloom155 oc593474 oc only404096 oc:lightning strike20 oc:northern skies3 bat1687 bat pony42343 pegasus232349 pony826411 christmas12002 christmas tree3468 comic99983 fence2470 forest8616 gay24826 glomp399 halloween6797 high res20785 holiday15690 hut73 jack-o-lantern2011 kissing22120 male299001 oc x oc12880 pine tree279 prone22905 pumpkin3453 royal guard6986 shipping181517 snow12407 sod roof1 tree26857 wing claws310


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