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safe1691715 artist:artistcoolpony131 button mash4010 comet tail880 luster dawn1501 princess cadance32519 princess flurry heart7180 rarity180556 shining armor22980 spike78295 starlight glimmer48217 sunburst6641 sweetie belle48745 twilight sparkle298351 oc675588 oc:dusk174 oc:harmony58 oc:pitch115 oc:pixel47 oc:shimmering star3 oc:silver lining369 oc:spell bound22 oc:tanzanite28 alicorn221475 dracony6560 hybrid18344 cometlight299 family4383 family tree338 female1349632 interspecies offspring7189 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter78 male367874 offspring38392 parent:button mash307 parent:comet tail178 parent:princess cadance1584 parent:rarity4129 parent:shining armor1367 parent:spike2240 parent:sunburst1071 parent:sweetie belle600 parent:twilight sparkle8183 parents:cometlight141 parents:shiningcadance952 parents:sparity1431 parents:sweetiemash270 parents:twiburst210 shiningcadance2653 shipping198307 sparity6634 starburst1207 straight134933 sweetiemash593 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122786


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