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As part of her psychology class, Sunset Shimmer has been studying the art of hypnotism and has been enjoying it quite a bit. After about a month and a half of learning the proper techniques, she feels that she’s ready to actually try to put somebody in a trance. Knowing of her friend’s interest in the subject and wanting to see if she is hypnotizable herself, Twilight Sparkle volunteers to be Sunset’s test subject and the two make arrangements to perform the test during their trip to the beach that Saturday. When said day eventually comes, Sunset ends up arriving much earlier that Twilight, though she doesn’t really mind this. After setting up a spot on a rather desolate area of the beach, Sunset spends the remainder of her apparent ‘alone time’ to read over her psychology textbook in order to review the methods she will use to hypnotize Twilight. At the same time, the fiery-haired teen comes up with a rather funny suggestion to have her friend carry out after she’s placed under. A few minutes later, Twilight finally shows up, stating she got held up due to sleeping through her alarm clock. After setting down her things, Twilight kicks off her flip-flops (leaving her barefoot), sits in a cross-legged position on the beach blanket that Sunset had set up earlier and enthusiastically tells her friend that she is ready to hypnotized. Pleased with her friend’s attitude, Sunset stands over Twilight and lowers a golden pocket watch in front of her face, which she then starts swinging in front of Twilight’s eyes as she tells the girl to become very relaxed. With her gaze now locked solely on the swinging watch, Twilight allows her body and mind to become totally relaxed as she drifts into a blissful trance. Eventually, the purple-skinned girl’s mind is so blank and foggy from the hypnosis that she is no longer able to think for herself and only wants to do whatever Sunset tells her…

Having successfully placed her friend into a deep trance, Sunset gives the hypnotized Twilight a trigger that will return her to a trance-like state when necessary. The fiery-haired teen then tells her friend that she will awaken with the mind of a dog upon hearing Sunset snap her fingers. Once the entranced teen agrees to the suggestion, Sunset gives a finger snap to bring Twilight out of her trance. However, rather then awakening as her normal self, Twilight wakes up thinking that she is a happy, well-behaved dog, evidenced by her positioning herself on all fours and greeting Sunset with a few happy barks before starting to pant with her tongue sticking out. Pleased that the hypnosis worked, Sunset decides to play with the dog-minded Twilight for a little bit before setting her back to normal. After putting the pocket watch back in her beach bag, Sunset takes out a small, brightly-colored ball which she then throws and encourages the hypnotized Twilight to fetch it. As she watches the dog-minded teen crawl over to where she threw the ball (which she picks up in her teeth), Sunset revels a bit in her success and starts to wonder if she should have Twilight remember these events once her human mind is restored….
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