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Made some more of these things for Valentines Day :D
safe1676084 artist:badumsquish1904 derpibooru exclusive27651 oc665828 oc only438420 oc:flūf13 insect1658 moth579 mothpony956 original species24613 pony938781 antennae424 cheek fluff5244 chest fluff37514 cute195280 female1336066 fluffy13912 flying37272 heart47089 holiday19920 looking at you163113 neck fluff727 ocbetes4944 smiling240326 solo1043626 spread wings52989 valentine1400 valentine's day3542 valentine's day card402 weapons-grade cute3613 wings100972


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My favorite out of this fun bunch; that face is just pure joy — absolutely contagious. ❤️
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