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semi-grimdark28005 suggestive130616 artist:toonbat274 moondancer4485 twilight sparkle285644 alicorn202002 anthro235839 the last problem4552 bloodshot eyes1207 breasts248591 clothes418532 commission56179 crazy smile46 crying40492 cryopod6 duo51459 duo female8093 female1270490 freezing186 gloves17797 horn49102 horn impalement366 immortality blues568 implied luster dawn17 lab coat2056 lab goggles11 machine1051 mad scientist223 nudity337626 older23758 older twilight1246 open mouth127035 patreon11695 patreon reward1282 red eyes5354 remote271 robe3260 rubber gloves149 smiling220468 sunburst's robe334 twilight snapple1931 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117075 vat46 ych result17502


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Background Pony #30CA
Is Twilight Sparkle wearing shiny leggings? Because that's my fetish.

Yes. I am a horrible person.