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And another reward for Frist. Thanks, guy!
semi-grimdark27611 suggestive126175 artist:toonbat247 moondancer4339 twilight sparkle279791 alicorn190933 anthro225867 the last problem3966 bloodshot eyes1143 breasts234758 clothes400956 commission49810 crazy smile41 crying39564 cryopod6 duo47874 duo female7278 female879481 freezing177 gloves16766 horn40453 horn impalement367 immortality blues559 implied luster dawn15 lab coat1979 lab goggles10 machine1004 mad scientist204 nudity328283 older22547 older twilight1066 open mouth120340 patreon11988 patreon reward1113 red eyes4954 remote254 robe3036 rubber gloves139 smiling209827 sunburst's robe286 twilight snapple1897 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113713 vat44 ych result15650


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