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"I'd like to be a guard or something someday--I mean, I'd be the best three-legged guard. How many mares can say that?" "...Who did you say you were again?" --

Twilight Sparkle and the rest of her friends visited the Crystal Empire to visit with Shining Armor, Princess Cadence, and their daughters.
Of course, Wind Chaser decided that she just had to go sight seeing. During her little escapade, she ran into Princess Valiance; Shining Armor and Cadance's youngest daughter. Val was a little taken aback by this stranger's enthusiasm. Although taken aback, she was kind of charmed by the pony.

Wind Chaser is the daughter of Rainbow Dash and Zephyr Breeze.

Princess Valiance is the daughter of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence.
She doesn't have a bio yet.

They're about the same age, Val is just really tall.
safe1557062 artist:butteredpawpcorn35 oc595154 oc:princess valiance4 oc:wind chaser9 pegasus233035 pony828239 unicorn258363 amputee4159 chest fluff31610 duo48056 female881325 mare405158 missing limb396 not gleaming shield9 offspring33667 parent:princess cadance1414 parent:rainbow dash4896 parent:shining armor1174 parent:zephyr breeze613 parents:shiningcadance818 parents:zephdash95 prosthetic leg693 prosthetic limb2544 prosthetics2932 simple background338434 unshorn fetlocks21706 white background84985


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Hmmm how many legs does wind chaser have canonically? Her bio from butteredpaw seems to indicate she was born with no hind legs. Which is the retcon?