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Sorta continuing from the last comic, Nyx uses her portaling spell to bring in a younger Chrysalis from a different ask tumblr. They seem to be getting along pretty well!

This was actually the very last comic I made for the tumblr before it went dark. I was trying to get some more outreach with this and was ready to bring in our villain shortly after posting it, but my co-pilot guy who was gonna do the art with me actually grew attached the version of Nyx I created, so they shied away. Oh well… probably for the better.

That'll do it for today. I'll probably drop off another two tomorrow. Until then, keep it classy, ponefriends ;)
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Idunno, instead of a tumblr thing you could try it as a more 4chan formatted type ask style since she's popular there it seems.
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@Background Pony #9CF7
Ah, they've been long retired from ponies. They used to make a lot of troll art of a griffon named 'Griffy', which he used as a shitpost character. It actually belonged to someone else, but he found the original artist's concept hilarious and ran with his own version. I always found the character fun because you could draw him any way you felt like, but he had this signature super long, usually prehensile beak and this weird tumor thing on his neck. He was pretty gross, but again, fun to draw.

For me, I think too much time passed from doing this last comic that I felt like it'd be awkward/wrong to continue it after the original plan fell through. I think it was probably for the best, though.
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Background Pony #9CF7
"This was actually the very last comic I made for the tumblr before it went dark."
Don't remind me ;_;

Who was the co-pilot anyway?