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Another reward I got from TeaBucket for supporting them on patreon. This one further continuing Spitfire's voracious adventures among her fellow fliers, only this time she runs into an equally hungry equal. The end result is a perfect balance as all things should be until one party overcomes the other and wolfs them down in the soft sand that lines the bottom of the carnal cave they were getting frisky in.
safe (1525027) artist:teabucket (434) fleetfoot (1839) spitfire (12535) pegasus (222386) pony (800035) blushing (168089) boop (6619) exclamation point (3195) female (849921) imminent vore (2033) interrobang (853) kissing (21654) lesbian (89155) mare (389035) onomatopoeia (2898) patreon (11697) patreon logo (8570) question mark (3866) simple background (325441) story in the source (1602) surprised (7626) transparent background (169826) vore (13266) wide eyes (15754)


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Background Pony #E130
The pic made it look like they accidentally swallowed a doubleheaded dildo. 🙂