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Quick thing because someone asked me to.
safe1557030 artist:lightningbolt813 derpibooru exclusive23859 bat pony42470 pony828217 undead1287 zombie2047 zombie pony503 .svg available7342 angry23509 bags under eyes1754 bat ponified1950 bat wings5221 bone2507 bring me the horizon278 clothes401838 ear fluff22608 fangs21610 lip piercing908 long sleeves307 male299618 oliver sykes241 piercing33953 ponified37825 race swap12319 raised hoof38493 scar10256 shadow the hedgehog856 shirt20630 simple background338422 slit eyes3972 solo960422 sonic the hedgehog (series)6989 stallion90582 standing9795 stitches722 svg3134 tattoo4438 torn ear618 transparent background176396 vector70631 wings72357


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