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Uploaded by Background Pony #DDD3
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Originally posted on: January 7, 2017
| Details |
| Custom for Lightningflash-55 |
| Body markings of two different colours
| Obvious hooves + "socks"
| Smol braid in mane
| Different coloured wing feathers

Didn't think that the greens in the mane would look good against dA's background so I made it into a lil' reference sheet~
Meant to write in the personality traits but not sure if Lightning's alright with that aha

Hope you like her though!
I can give you a refund if you don't <3

▌ R E A D p l s

| Credit isn't necessary; just don't claim you designed them
| You may change any aspect of the design
| You may trade/gift the design
| Please don't sell for more than you bought them for

7 January 2016
safe (1522002) artist:mcwolfity (186) oc (572790) oc only (393018) pegasus (221097) pony (796522) :p (6617) amputee (3985) colored hooves (4059) eye clipping through hair (3720) female (846169) freckles (23700) mare (386770) pegasus oc (3267) simple background (324118) solo (936632) text (46243) tongue out (84863) transparent background (169236) wings (65301)


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