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safe1750214 artist:anticular586 fluttershy217236 rarity185566 roseluck5190 earth pony265823 pegasus309061 pony1010306 unicorn342210 bag5126 barrel1658 butt65879 cute205664 cutie mark49696 daytime106 female1401669 flower26700 flower shop48 high res32664 long ears370 mailbox509 mare502070 open mouth154282 outdoors11606 plot82113 raised hoof48419 rose4011 saddle bag6018 sale493 shop390 shopping391 sign4125 smiling260840 store419 street767 trio9745 unshorn fetlocks27153


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Just a cute artist
Nice art! I really like this painting style for the scenery, simple but really good!
P.S.: Source link is wrong.
Background Pony #21DB
Now why did the ending song from Ratatouille just start playing in my head?