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Not gonna lie, I was really inspired by unoriginai to do this. After I saw their PinkiePool kid, I really wanted to test my abilities and see if I could make fanchildren between characters from different franchises work. And I'm super proud of myself!

First, we have Sceptre, the son of Trixie and Papyrus. Much like both of his parents, Sceptre has a really high sense of self. Because of this, he thinks that it's up to him to help others out with their problems, whether they need it or not. Even though he genuinely wants to help others improve, he has a tone issue that makes his assistance sound like it's out of pity, and it causes a lot of people to see him as patronizing. He doesn't care, though. He never cared about how other people see him, and he doesn't let what they have to say get him down. An absolute sass master, he has a snarky comeback for pretty much any situation.

Butterscotch is the daughter of Fluttershy and Isabelle. Pretty much anyone who knows her would describe her as a goody two shoes. She's obedient and polite, staying silent whenever she isn't spoken to. She can usually be found trailing behind either of her mothers, and only leaves their side when they say she can. However, under all of that courteousy, she has a lot of excitement and energy bottled up. She can get riled up by the smallest things, but does a good job containing her excitement. The only time she does lose it is when she's doing something that she's really passionate about. At that point, she's just like a little puppy. She talks at a billion miles an hour, jumps everywhere, and runs in place, overjoyed doing something she loves.
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