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safe (1526009) artist:jargon scott (1999) princess celestia (87742) twilight sparkle (274781) alicorn (184666) pony (800974) celestia is not amused (382) cellphone (2634) computer (5361) discord (program) (175) laptop computer (1946) meta (15711) no pupils (3203) phone (4791) photo (69313) plushie (21054) printheth thun (13) pure unfiltered evil (1561) smartphone (1423) twiggie (233) unamused (12810)


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14 comments posted
Background Pony #31F4
Can't stop the signal.

Unless you're Mark Zuckerberg or Sundar Pichai, I guess. Those guys can stop the signal.
Background Pony #31F4
This should not be as funny as it is. I think it's the combination of Printheth Thun in the top panel and the facial expressions in the bottom.