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Our gay bugboi looks pretty broken now, so after some last hard smacks on his bottom and an icy-cold treatment for his soles, it will be time to wrap up his well-deserved punishment. I have to say, red just looks so good on him~

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semi-grimdark28004 suggestive127940 artist:fetishsketches597 thorax3982 anthro230169 changedling7254 changeling40076 plantigrade anthro26800 abuse6339 ass42054 barefoot24296 big feet147 blushing175728 bondage30296 bruised1435 brush1681 butt27361 caning10 clothes408787 crying40160 drool22434 feet34578 fetish34943 foot fetish6556 gag13165 hairbrush338 horn43184 horn ring5045 ice1083 king thorax2597 magic65828 magic suppression3603 male305285 male feet785 malesub3671 muffled moaning644 painted toenails21 panties46075 punishment760 rear view10170 signature18872 soles3529 solo972565 solo male23932 submissive13043 sweat22955 tears of pain869 thong5532 thorabuse13 thorass56 thoraxsub5 toe tied426 toes5426 toothbrush717 torture746 underwear55175 wall of tags2310 whip marks476


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