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Originally posted on: April 29, 2015
Atjour Throat, another AU Atjour because why not?! Another alternate version from Atjour Service, like Atjour Cervix.

An alternative timeline where young teen Atjour meets young teen Nikolai, yet to be known as Metal Fang the mare-eater. Back when there were still some innocence to her, before she learned to manipulate other ponies and truly terrorize them for own amusement.

A much more vulnerable Atjour in need of escaping the oppressing home she lives in, meeting a fascinating and exotic young stallion insisting he can show her a much bigger world, making her run away with him to start a new and completely different life.

As a runaway you can’t do much in going to the dentist just because you forgot to bring your retainer from home. So she ended up keeping her overbite. Forced some of Nikolai’s culture and ideals on her, becoming a much different mare from the Atjour Service we know.


Metal Fang © gvozdi
Atjour © Me
safe (1526305) artist:ravenpuff (986) oc (575465) oc only (394482) oc:atjour service (32) oc:metal fang (8) axe (1452) blood (21663) blushing (168236) clothes (389130) female (851134) graph paper (968) hat (72436) hijab (295) male (289637) mare (389847) mouth hold (14798) oc x oc (12390) one eye closed (23528) reference sheet (9998) sharp teeth (2898) shipping (177340) stallion (86757) teeth (7230) text (46494) traditional art (105308) unshorn fetlocks (21031) weapon (25598) wink (20565)


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