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After getting his bottom and soles all red and sore, he gets to enjoy a multi-hour tickling session! The enchanted implements deliver constant and merciless stimulation, no matter how hard he struggles and drools over his gag~

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semi-grimdark28015 suggestive127990 artist:fetishsketches597 thorax3986 anthro230345 changedling7261 changeling40103 plantigrade anthro26812 ass42089 barefoot24310 big feet147 blushing175819 bondage30325 brush1681 butt27461 clothes408972 crying40177 drool22441 feet34601 fetish34952 foot fetish6559 gag13170 hairbrush338 horn43271 horn ring5054 king thorax2601 laughing7113 magic65856 magic suppression3611 male305405 male feet786 malesub3673 muffled moaning644 painted toenails21 panties46096 punishment760 rear view10174 signature18879 soles3531 solo972878 solo male23947 submissive13068 tears of laughter666 thong5535 thorass56 thoraxsub5 tickle torture2093 tickling4177 toe tied427 toes5427 toothbrush717 underwear55201


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8 comments posted
Background Pony #DF4A
Though I kinda wanted his gag off. I wanna hear his helpless laughter ;)
Background Pony #DF4A
About time he got his soles tickled and teased! Let’s hope he’s liking this part!

Pharynx, you’re next! c:<