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Originally posted on: December 25, 2016
l o v e h i m

But uhm, heya MoeTomoe
Merry Christmas and Hap holidays aha
Wish I could get you an Akaashi body pillow but I can only draw for now hok :')

| Here're 12 great things about you |
|1| Your art. Seriously, your style and how much you draw gives me so much inspiration, you don't even knOW
|2| Not to mention that I was fuckin blown away when I learnt that you drew on yoUR PHONE AAAAAA
|3| Also, you let me fangasm over the art in your phone. thank///
|4| So easy to talk to and hang out with //basically, you're cool af
|5| You're really kind aa
|6| And fair //you don't have to pay back, lemme treat you pls
|7| You're not nosy :')))
|8| You're not as shy as me aaaaa
|9| You've never meme'd, you cinnamon roll.
|10| Have I ever mentioned that you're funny because you are
|11| You learnt His Theme on the uke and I'm jealous
|12| You made sure that I was caught up on SU episodes,, bro that touched my heart

aaA hope writing all that doesn't make anything awkward//////
Just know that I appreciate you and that you're a wonderful person aye

7 December 2016
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