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safe (1522186) artist:n0nnny (535) cozy glow (5376) pegasus (221132) pony (796782) adoracreepy (564) blushing (167617) bust (36852) cheek fluff (3910) cozy glow is best facemaker (492) cozybetes (599) crazy glow (120) creepy (3704) cute (167147) female (846290) filly (56615) gasai yuno (2) golly (41) grin (31080) insanity (2360) looking at you (134830) mirai nikki (41) portrait (27139) smiling (202191) solo (936750) sweat (21630) yandere (716) yandereglow (9)


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Like many ponies of Alicorn descent, Cozy Glow had easily inherited her mothers powerful sex drive that made her a beast in the bed. Oftentimes, Tirek and even Chrysalis could merely cringe away in a mix of both fear and amazement to how many Royal Guards Cozy would often capture and bring back to their lair in order to have them service her before erasing their memories of the lovely experiences and returning them to their postings with nopony else the wiser.
With Chrysalis commenting that she actually feels sorry for the stallions and mares that have to appease Cozy Glows' ravenous sex drive, though is quick to admit that it was far better than when she saw how easily Cozy managed to quickly subdue and easily dominate a unstoppably Magic-empowered Lord Tirek and fuck the centaur back down to his original size in just one afternoon.

"I feel like a man dying of thirst watching another man drown…" -Krillin, Dragonball Z Abridged
Background Pony #643B
I love this; I hope you draw more yandere characters in the future. 🙂