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Original description from DA artist:
Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were sent to the Water Reservoir to have a chat with Spitfire and Soarin'. Unfortunately, when they got there, they realized that the two Wonderbolts were now bigger than them. Thanks to Spitfire and Soarin', Rainbow Dash is no longer the strongest Wonderbolt, and is not satisfied with the two being taller and faster than her at the size they're at.

Rainbow Dash vector is owned by :iconxpesifeindx:
Fluttershy vector is owned by :iconvulthuryol00:
Soarin' and Spitfire vectors are owned by :icondashiesparkle:
Background is owned by :iconmlp-vector-collabs:
safe (1524006) artist:dashiesparkle (1388) artist:jerryakiraclassics19 (94) artist:mlp-vector-collabs (26) artist:vulthuryol00 (71) artist:xpesifeindx (171) fluttershy (192690) rainbow dash (213935) soarin' (13074) spitfire (12531) pegasus (221945) pony (798930) clothes (388230) female (848560) flying (32803) folded wings (4016) giant pony (3848) giantess (3448) macro (9954) male (288871) mountain (4191) raised hoof (36564) size difference (11895) sky (10937) sunset (4286) uniform (8584) wings (65684) wonderbolts uniform (5219)


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