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Artist's description:

"So, now that I've finally finished up the Celestia half of "Regal Frills", I've realized that it's been almost 2 years since I started. Last year went by so fast and looking back I feel I did so little work.
But this week I like something my Daily Drawings that I just had to make a larger version.
I think from this point forward, besides whatever else I draw, I'm going to try an take at least one of my sketches and make it into a larger piece. Even if it doesn't go from there, I need to push myself more.

And Mrs. Cakes here is the first one.
Everything just came out so well in the sketch and honestly I'm still very happy with it enlarged."
suggestive (122739) artist:sepiakeys (78) cup cake (3671) anthro (219477) unguligrade anthro (41026) armpits (39898) breasts (226582) busty cup cake (544) chiffon swirl (57) clothes (388657) corset (3718) female (849604) lipstick (9014) monochrome (142637) panties (44444) pinup (2576) signature (17558) sketch (56920) solo (938667) solo female (163733) traditional art (105223) underhoof (45070) underwear (53021) younger (14896)


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