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Originally posted on: March 21, 2015
Ended my three year old or so blog, about my Star Pony OC Star Shot. Was my first blog on tumblr, my first development of a real OC in the FiM fandom.
Decided to close it for good after putting it on hiatus so many times and only returning to it by duty without much passion for it anymore. I had nothing more to tell about the shooting star in shape of a pony. So, I decided to end the blog properly and make it clear I wasn't going to work anymore on it.

For the final post I made this, which doubled as my daily doodle although a bit more complex than the usual. So many characters. Most of the many OC's from different blogs who made it to appear in the blog at some point. Although not all. Couldn't possibly fit that many in, in such short notice. At first was just supposed to be a hug between Star Shot and Dark Nebula and then I just began adding ponies of some importance. Was fun, I don't make many crowd pictures like this.

Characters appearing in bottom row from left to right:
Red Velvetavatarjk137
Scoota-Bot (dead blog) (Blog hijacked)
Ion Sparkle (blog deleted)
Pony Kirby (undefined hiatus) — AduroT
Star Shot (Dead blog) — Ravenpuff
Dark Nebula (on-off hiatus)
Skye Gazer (blog side character) — Ravenpuff
Peril Peaks (Dead blog)
Four Inept GuardponiesHakar-Kerarmor

Characters appearing in top row from left to right:
Jump Start (dead blog) — AnimationFan
Puffy (mod-blog) (Dead link) — Ravenpuff
Ween (on-off hiatus) (Dead link) — mca-jabberwok
Claudia (side character) — Ravenpuff
safe (1526015) artist:ravenpuff (986) oc (575345) oc only (394442) oc:bastion (153) oc:claudia (26) oc:dark nebula (12) oc:jump start (2) oc:peril peaks (3) oc:puffy (207) oc:red velvet (122) oc:scootabot (2) oc:skye gazer (26) oc:star shot (23) oc:ween (18) bat pony (40759) pegasus (222735) pony (800978) unicorn (244618) fallout equestria (14722) :o (3316) bat pony oc (12771) blush sticker (2000) blushing (168207) broken horn (12115) bust (37130) choker (8432) female (850880) glasses (52144) goggles (12814) group (2706) grumpy (2237) helmet (9020) horn (36471) kirby (688) male (289561) mare (389684) monochrome (142832) night guard (1701) one eye closed (23523) open mouth (116478) pegasus oc (3388) ponified (37062) royal guard (6869) smiling (203214) smirk (10291) spiked choker (1099) stallion (86718) traditional art (105282) unamused (12810) underhoof (45101) unicorn oc (3289) wings (66050) wink (20564)


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