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well, at long last, we have here our 100th milf. & to celebrate this occasion & with MLP:FiM now done, i thought i'd give ol' Ponk the spot for Milf no. 100. a spot that i couldn't possibly think anyone else can fill.

here she is all cheerful & being Pinkie like :D
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while I honestly prefer that kind of relationship between them many times over them being married, fathers are usually the ones teaching their children & between the both of them, Fluttershy seems to be doing all the teaching to him.

honestly, if Flutters were to be married (which she isn't), i think she could do far better than Discord. tho i don't think she's at all bothered either way because she's still taking care of animals.
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Out of all the mane 6, you'd never expect her to be the only confirmed milf.