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So, i decided to put a map of where exactly the species in the Ziragshabdarverse are located. And a Twilight in it to make sure it didn't get deleted. except for the non-submerged Zealandia (blame Discord) out there in the lower right, the land masses of their world are exactly identical to ours.

I used a Europa Universalis IV base map for it, since its province division was more useful for what i was trying to do. Not only these color codes apply, each province is colored according to its populational distribution, with the solid colored provinces meaning places where the dominant species accounts for over 95% of the population, a larger density of secondary-colour dots within the provinces meaning a larger minority proportion (the secondary color corresponds to the largest within the minorities), until the few spots where there are a almost exactly-identical number of dots of each color, which are provinces where the dominant species doesn't have more than 50% of the total population.

'Zandom' means 'ponykind' in Parsig, which is the language in which all the italicized names are. As seen on the images, there aren't many differences on general body shape between species, and as such, the Equestrians tended to denominate all other species they found as some sort of animal-like variety of their own. The show equivalents (or general analogues) are in parentheses.

If you don't know by now, Equestria is the big blue area close to the center of the map.

Also, there is a American continent, but it hasn't been charted yet. (read: it isn't important to the story and i ran out of canon species to place there.)

Zooming in fully is advisable.

Partly based on >>1408226 (the general map concept, not the specifics)

EDIT: Fixed some distribution rates in Mazandaran


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