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1. This was an old idea I was messing around with, on how to include Sugar Belle into my universe. The original idea was, that over time Big Mac and Sugar Belle would grow distant and eventually break up. A few weeks later, Sugar Belle finds out she's pregnant and tries to talk to Big Mac, but sees he's moved on and is very happy with Cheerilee. So she keeps quiet about her pregnancy and resumes her life in her old village. A few years later, Sugar Belle visits a few friends in Ponyville, but loses sight of her daughter. She later finds her daughter talking to another filly her age, who looks very similar to her. She later finds out, that's Big Mac and Cheerile's daughter. Chaos ensues.

2. The canon ship of "Willowverse" (I guess), Big Mac ends up with Blueblood and they raise a handsome colt together…

3. Pinkie Pie and Svengallop's son (still thinking of a name). Long story short, Svengallop asked one more thing out of Pinkie Pie, before Applejack took action.

4. Pinkie after just giving birth to her son, after going through a long and horrible pregnancy. She tried hard to hide it from her friends, saying she's just had too much cake, but they eventually find out and do everything they can to help. She doesn't tell them who the baby's father is until she gives birth. (Applejack has her suspicions, but stays quiet)

5. The other mane 5 don't take kindly to Svengallop coming back to Ponyville (at Twilight's "request"). Twilight eventually gives him an ultumatum: step up and be a father or never come to Ponyville again. He chooses the latter.

6. As explained here… , this is right after Trixie fails to duplicate herself and instead mixes her DNA with Sunburst's, resulting in Sun Flare's "birth"
safe1601171 artist:gigason161 big macintosh26900 cheerilee9483 pinkie pie206031 prince blueblood3872 sugar belle2842 sunburst6035 svengallop331 trixie63460 twilight sparkle286216 oc617146 oc:sun flare9 alicorn202838 pony869904 baby9798 baby pony6141 bluemac32 cheerimac787 crying40562 female1273647 gay25252 male338785 missing accessory7577 missing cutie mark4110 offspring34706 parent:big macintosh2723 parent:cheerilee371 parent:pinkie pie3647 parent:sunburst912 parent:svengallop68 parent:trixie1687 parents:cheerimac261 parents:svenpie2 parents:trixburst24 pinkamena diane pie18377 pregnant12456 prone23809 shipping186344 stallion96026 straight126282 twilight sparkle (alicorn)117342


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Background Pony #B195
So what I'm getting from point 1 (and maybe 2) is that Big Mac has some strong seeds that need to take root in equally strong soils, such as Sugar Belle, Cheerilee, or Blueblood