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safe1724954 artist:sea--crystal9 edit134058 edited screencap66130 screencap224295 luster dawn1602 starlight glimmer49155 sunburst6875 pony985291 unicorn331432 the times they are a changeling931 baby10561 baby bottle746 baby luster dawn12 baby pony6701 blaze (coat marking)1404 clothes466460 coat markings4801 crib534 crystal empire2329 cute202589 facial markings1854 father and child960 father and daughter2644 female1379513 filly68034 glasses62966 glowing horn20004 headcanon2344 horn70335 levitation12285 luster dawn is starlight's and sunburst's daughter89 lusterbetes135 magic74186 male379362 mama starlight67 messy mane7824 milk4637 milk bottle111 mother and child2489 mother and daughter6001 offspring39911 papa sunburst45 parent:starlight glimmer1485 parent:sunburst1145 parents and child23 parents:starburst538 robe3700 shipping202508 socks (coat markings)2815 stallion111699 starburst1255 straight138090 sunburst's cloak508 sunburst's glasses430 telekinesis28169 younger17569


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Background Pony #1586
Never mind Mrs. Cake, Cadance looked no different the day after giving birth to Flurry Heart in the season 6 opener, save for the messy mane.
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You are my sunshine~
I was going to say that Starlight looks very trim for having given birth recently, but then I realized that I don't think we've ever seen a late-stage pregnant pony on the show.

Except for maybe Mrs. Cake, because if the entire show up until MMC took place in one year, that means that Mrs. Cake was probably already pregnant by the time the show started. But it's hard to say.
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