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Dude, I talked about the second season of Equestria Girls.

Let it Rain, Cheer you on, Tip toppings, Sock it to me, Costume conundrum still didn't appear on their YT channel.

After Spring Breakdown shorts stopped to be uploaded in other languages (with some exceptions as the only one other language).
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@Background Pony #5920
mlp fim is over and is connected with equestria girls which means hasbro will make a reboot and G5 will not be related to the previous ones. All this is for money and the sale of toys.
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If the upcoming My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Canterlot High: March Radness comic book scheduled for March 2020 proves successful enough for IDW to warrant an ongoing Equestria Girls comic series, maybe Sunset Shimmer and the rest of the HuMane Cast will have more opportunities to shine in the future.
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The only problem is why we still didn't get the rest of reamining episodes on their YT chanel, and why we didn't get most of S2 episodes on other languages.
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Eqg cancelled or not?

It's not canceled, it's just… over. It had a contract, the contract ran out and Hasbro didn't feel like renewing it, and EqG is no longer in production. "Canceled" is when a series has a contract and the franchise owner says "LOL NOPE" and cuts it off before the contract is complete; that didn't happen here.

The end result is still the same, though; there's no more new Equestria Girls for the foreseeable future. If it ever does come back— and it's always possible, lots of media companies reboot old properties, that's how we got Friendship Is Magic in the Faust place— it'll almost certainly look very different, because it'll be a completely new production team.
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Although Hasbro has been acquiring more media companies later, I still feel like they're primarily a toy company. If Equestria Girls makes Hasbro money via toy sales, Hasbro will continue it or reboot it. If it doesn't (or hasn't been) making Hasbro money, that's it, it's over.