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suggestive126114 artist:longinius660 artist:vest355 color edit6995 edit114549 princess celestia89015 alicorn190874 anthro225775 alcohol5962 alternate hairstyle23739 ass41155 beach12441 bedroom eyes50462 beverage277 big breasts66551 bikini15433 bikini bottom798 braid4714 braless632 breast squeeze1435 breasts234687 busty princess celestia8784 butt24761 chubby12467 clothes400850 colored17358 digital art10884 dock43125 female879327 flirting1293 huge breasts30887 looking at you140460 looking back47974 looking back at you10458 looking down6508 looking down at you262 looking over shoulder2573 mare404151 panties45412 partial nudity16273 praise the sun1827 side-tie bikini361 solo959139 solo female166649 stool1434 stupid sexy celestia1409 sunbutt3473 swimsuit24202 talking to viewer1997 the ass was fat12295 thong5436 thong swimsuit675 topless10715 underboob3481 underwear54329 wave367 yellow panties19 yellow underwear533


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Duke of Milfton
Makes sense to me. I wouldn't want to disrespect their wishes either. I'm honestly happy with the way it is already; I just knew someone was going to say it, so it might as well be me. Lol
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@Premium Rush
Tough call. Longinius does like to retain control over his lines, and doesn't like other artists removing elements during the color pass. I wouldn't want to disrespect the artist by making an edit against his wishes, even a small one like that.
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That is the most majestic butt I've ever seen. Those curves, the size…it all fits SO perfectly! Thanks for making my day brighter :3