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G: 😑
S: πŸ˜’>😏
safe1557027 screencap195371 gallus5633 smolder6432 dragon46677 griffon24461 student counsel1154 :)82 :<950 >:<15 amused352 angry23509 animated91080 book30186 brat50 bummer5 burnt132 camera pan33 claw hold19 claws4498 collapse25 couch6937 destroyed90 disrespectful13 dragoness6492 duo48052 eyeroll525 eyes rolling back1694 fangs21609 female881279 folded wings4402 gallus is not amused118 gallus' book20 gif27465 guilty pleasure13 hand on chin72 head turn675 head turned7 horns4579 horrible24 lidded eyes24773 loop4729 male299618 no regrets21 school of friendship1080 shrunken pupils2339 sly31 smiling210698 smirk10699 smugder35 starlight's office303 talons1079 teenaged dragon1269 teenager4228 tragedy95 turning64 unamused13386 uploader:giffycharacters2 upset1080 worth it79


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Gallus: Smolder. What is this? You said this book was missing. Well, Sandbar found it right where it belongs, but like this. How did it get this way?

Smolder: Uh… Well, um… You see, I… I just didn't wanna disappoint you and, uh… Have you ever seen a dragon sneeze?

Gallus: I've seen a dragon lie. I'm very disappointed in you, Smolder.
Jonny Manz
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

I am who I am
Such a wonderful, wonderful liddl shid

Also, I guess Gallus must have really liked (or needed) the book, otherwise he wouldn’t be so upset.