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One of the only times I'm ever posting an image made by me again lol. This is just to promote our discord. If you're interested in Koikatsu and ponies, please join. We'd be happy to have you. Plus you'll get updates and bonus images/cards you never see on derpybooru. Kokonashi and Katsudon are there too!

This here leads to the Discord
safe (1525343) artist:theextraguy (171) apple bloom (45598) scootaloo (48334) sweetie belle (45741) human (139374) 3d (58308) adorabloom (2164) cute (167769) cutealoo (2378) cutie mark crusaders (17255) diasweetes (2335) donut (1672) elf ears (1714) female (850194) food (57468) humanized (92141) koikatsu (145) phone (4785) unicorns as elves (321) wing ears (252) winged humanization (7908) wings (65924)


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