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Originally posted on: June 10, 2016
Scootaloo x Discord
Head — Fennec fox based, ram horns, golden pocketwatch necklace thing
Body — Hummingbird wings w/ gold feather, hummingbird body, pony-like hooves
Lower parts — Rabbit backlegs, cheetah tail

Apologies if they're not what you wanted, castielbby ;u;
You can send like 100 or 50, I wouldn't mind—

11 June 2016
safe1555385 artist:mcwolfity187 oc593576 oc only404100 draconequus8593 :p7016 draconequus oc1281 interspecies offspring6184 offspring33641 parent:discord2828 parent:scootaloo718 parents:scootacord1 reference sheet10354 simple background337748 smiling209834 solo959297 text49810 tongue out88527 transparent background176084


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Background Pony #7FD8
Princess Eris: right… Dizzy and Scottaloo are just friends… right…