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safe1556694 alternate version32575 artist:mirtash305 derpy hooves47928 doctor whooves9995 time turner9980 earth pony190913 pegasus232872 pony827825 blushing172808 chest fluff31588 doctorderpy1395 ear fluff22593 eye contact6102 female880950 fence2474 flower21700 looking at each other15829 male299476 mare404960 shipping181650 smiling210179 stallion90518 straight120209 sunflower401 windmill268


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #917D
Cute picture, but I can't help but wonder why many Russian artists like putting modern industrial/electric infrastructure that wouldn't exist in Equestria into the backgrounds of their pony pictures, with no clear relevance to the scene. Whenever I see things like power lines or these wind turbines randomly added to the scenery, I now just assume it must be by a Russian artist, and so far I've been correct every time.