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safe (1505919) alternate version (28493) artist:mirtash (261) derpy hooves (47100) doctor whooves (9824) time turner (9810) earth pony (174192) pegasus (214608) pony (782714) blushing (165177) chest fluff (29100) doctorderpy (1368) ear fluff (20547) eye contact (5959) female (830400) fence (2348) flower (20120) looking at each other (14480) male (283262) mare (377519) shipping (175056) smiling (198359) stallion (83220) straight (115774) sunflower (371) windmill (258)


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3 comments posted
Background Pony #6C4A
Cute picture, but I can't help but wonder why many Russian artists like putting modern industrial/electric infrastructure that wouldn't exist in Equestria into the backgrounds of their pony pictures, with no clear relevance to the scene. Whenever I see things like power lines or these wind turbines randomly added to the scenery, I now just assume it must be by a Russian artist, and so far I've been correct every time.