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FINALLY finished with this one. It took a long time, and I had to add a lot of background elements to make it work, but I really hope you all like the end result.
suggestive145102 artist:longinius821 rarity183284 unicorn330616 anthro263621 alcohol7269 bar1339 barstool78 bedroom eyes60109 belly button79148 big breasts83402 black bra194 black underwear3835 blushing200272 bra16126 bracelet9615 breasts281520 busty rarity13086 cellphone3662 cleavage35019 clothes465622 female1377743 gin9 glass4721 jewelry65267 lingerie10631 lipstick11330 looking at you171410 makeup21968 mare489047 midriff19524 phone6376 revealing clothing195 smartphone2077 smiling253191 solo1075392 solo female181057 traditional art118644 underwear61481 watch1431 wristwatch543


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