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Pony is globetrotting.

mal gal de so gan da
uma ~ ushi
horse ~ cow
Pony says a cow can go anywhere a pony can.

☰☲@☵☷ CM
safe1704139 alternate version45268 artist:poniidesu380 oc683242 oc only447914 oc:silent clop27 earth pony247881 pony965412 beret1957 blushing197243 clothes458804 crayon441 cute199447 hat86638 headset1768 korea62 korean1511 looking at you168162 marker380 meme81843 mime184 nanotrasen1 ocbetes5196 paintbrush1648 proverb17 simple background392637 socks66202 solo1062549 space station 1333 ss1322 striped socks21363 translated in the description963 transparent background201984


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