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Commission for RainbowDreams23! OwO

Another cute OC completed!~ Happy

Kyouko Toshinou (Adorable Sparkle) [V2] This time I incorporated Adobe After effects for the sparkles and gradients! Neko sparkle

Also rounded out the wings for Stellar to go with her poofy round mane! Pikachu happy

2017YupiANanEmote001 Thanks ever so much for the support RainbowDreams! >//w//<

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Shooting Star Commission Info Shooting Star (Right)

Commission Prices! OwO
Commissions are Open!
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All Commissions taken are done by a first come first serve basis!
Make sure to check the ToS, and if you have any questions, feel free to message me too!
I'd be happy to help!

— [Limited Time Commission!] —
(February Only)
Genderflux Pride Flag Shooting Star Animation — Happy Valentines Day! Genderflux Pride Flag Shooting Star
A Cuddly Theme for a Cuddly Team!

( Gender Reversible | Eyes can be open! )
Free Icon/Emote Molang (I Love It!) Base Price: $80+ Free Icon/Emote Molang (I Love It!)
**GIF quality will depend on the level of detail.
**Not ideal for DeviantArt Icons.

(*Price may increase depending on l

Terms and Conditions
safe1708649 artist:hungrysohma119 part of a set12133 oc685965 oc:stellar constellation17 pegasus292602 pony969698 animated98742 bouncing4931 chest fluff39222 cute200132 female1365111 gif31101 heart48446 heart eyes16637 purple background3036 simple background394187 sparkly mane234 stars15646 wingding eyes22330 ych result21417


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