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Just Like You.
safe (1525649) artist:darkest-lunar-flower (385) princess celestia (87734) princess luna (91742) alicorn (184607) cat (4970) pony (800603) angry (22769) comparison (3870) cute (167821) cute little fangs (1588) dialogue (56782) fangs (20367) feline (96) female (850508) grumpy (2237) kitten (306) luna is not amused (345) madorable (480) mare (389403) menacing (308) open mouth (116439) royal sisters (3615) siblings (5078) sisters (6686) unamused (12807)


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #AF61
Just a little nit-pick but I think it would have been funnier if both the cat and Luna had the same face like it was copy and pasted on to one another.
But in all honesty I really love the artwork and how instead of drawing Luna and Celestia the same way you add extra details like the little silver and gold strings in their hair and the neck thingys are more like necklaces instead of beefy bids. It's something new and amazing and that's what I like about your art as always.