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Based on the 8-bit cutscene of Sister Location's custome night
semi-grimdark27611 artist:fazbearsparkle193 applejack157248 blueberry cake678 derpy hooves47914 fluttershy195763 lyra heartstrings27488 pinkie pie201368 rainbow dash217194 rarity167901 sci-twi21695 sunset shimmer56647 twilight sparkle279793 equestria girls177374 equestria girls series28009 3d60938 black eye940 comic99997 dialogue58834 ennard15 fear866 five nights at freddy's1489 five nights at freddy's sister location10 fnaf sl4 sister location48 source filmmaker36665 vomit533 vomiting263


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2 comments posted
Background Pony #2F2C
my real question…how is raritys hair still good after her body rooting away!