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Upon arriving at the top of the large building and knocking on the door Goldy was struck by an oversight in their plan, literally.

they found themself flying through the air with a heavy box attached to them… not a good situation to be in. the pony that opened the door was almost as shocked as goldy was. almost…

dont worry Goldy didnt die they just got really hurt.

Hi! my artist name is ArtDBait and i am an artist.

I started an image series called "Goldy and Hazard" which follows the two ponies as they live their day to day lives and sometimes talk about their childhood. i hope you like it~

Commissions are OPEN 5 dollars per character per image and every image comes with a simple background if you want one.

if you want something complex we can talk about the price, but generally it will be 5 dollars.

you can find my older work here

if you dont want/need a picture you could tell your friends about me. The more commissions i get the more art i can make for everyone!
safe1555357 artist:artdbait75 oc593666 oc:goldy15 series:goldy and hazard15 4 panel comic20 accident1129 amber eyes63 climbing299 crunch23 delivery91 delivery pony78 determination95 door3549 falling2460 gotcha63 green eyes3285 green fur96 green mane245 hat74623 onomatopoeia3109 open door78 opening318 outdoors7239 package316 screaming2888 simple background337769 smiling209812 solo959324 sound effects1516 surprised7905 this will end in pain1654 wingless2962 working647 yellow mane145


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