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safe1728023 artist:red4567936 angel bunny9929 apple bloom50263 applejack171576 boulder (pet)1304 capper dapperpaws1602 clover the clever370 cozy glow7538 crackle358 cup cake4213 derpy hooves50484 diamond tiara10317 discord31389 fido533 fluttershy214986 gabby2438 gallus6863 gummy5104 humdrum464 lord tirek5363 masked matter-horn841 maud pie12631 moondancer4936 ocellus5378 owlowiscious2000 pinkie pie218263 pipsqueak2863 pound cake2595 princess cadance32807 princess celestia95878 princess ember6607 princess flurry heart7380 princess luna99955 princess skystar2048 queen chrysalis35160 rainbow dash236286 rarity183692 rockhoof1153 sandbar5524 scootaloo51609 shining armor23403 silver spoon6589 silverstream6225 sludge (dragon)352 smolder8085 smooze621 somnambula1938 spike79547 spitfire13600 star swirl the bearded2041 starlight glimmer49234 sunburst6893 sweetie belle49409 tank2750 tempest shadow16904 thorax4394 trixie68133 twilight sparkle303238 yona5176 alicorn228674 alligator1121 bat pony50961 bird8528 breezie2176 bugbear192 centaur3481 changedling8579 changeling48749 changeling queen17081 diamond dog3497 dog9671 dragon57551 earth pony256980 griffon27555 hippogriff9938 human156837 parasprite2049 pegasus300389 pony988243 unicorn332746 yak4688 28 pranks later966 a canterlot wedding2896 a dog and pony show626 a flurry of emotions1274 a health of information530 a matter of principals1110 a rockhoof and a hard place808 a royal problem2174 a trivial pursuit1157 amending fences1260 applebuck season895 applejack's "day" off588 bats!1732 best gift ever2414 between dark and dawn1639 boast busters1112 bridle gossip877 castle mane-ia898 castle sweet castle1346 celestial advice1161 crusaders of the lost mark1654 do princesses dream of magic sheep1226 dragon dropped1213 dragon quest951 equestria girls203294 equestria girls (movie)7499 every little thing she does950 fake it 'til you make it1090 fall weather friends765 fame and misfortune1090 family appreciation day575 father knows beast890 feeling pinkie keen831 friendship is magic2943 games ponies play1094 gauntlet of fire1479 green isn't your color928 hearth's warming eve (episode)665 horse play934 inspiration manifestation887 it ain't easy being breezies903 it isn't the mane thing about you1172 it's about time762 just for sidekicks951 keep calm and flutter on1072 lesson zero1531 luna eclipsed1578 magic duel2171 magical mystery cure2403 make new friends but keep discord2060 marks for effort1163 maud pie (episode)1298 may the best pet win790 molt down867 my little pony: the movie19194 newbie dash1075 no second prances1878 non-compete clause730 once upon a zeppelin832 owl's well that ends well438 ppov913 princess spike (episode)738 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2692 scare master948 school daze2800 school raze2355 secret of my excess773 shadow play1314 she's all yak1179 slice of life (episode)1803 sparkle's seven1671 spike at your service1054 swarm of the century735 sweet and smoky963 tanks for the memories1467 testing testing 1-2-31404 the beginning of the end2173 the best night ever1401 the crystal empire2857 the crystalling2186 the cutie map4159 the cutie re-mark3220 the end in friend700 the ending of the end3228 the hearth's warming club903 the last problem5967 the last roundup1101 the mane attraction1220 the one where pinkie pie knows844 the point of no return1025 the return of harmony1739 the summer sun setback1101 the ticket master1024 the times they are a changeling932 three's a crowd1322 to where and back again2739 too many pinkie pies1856 trade ya925 triple threat997 twilight time917 twilight's kingdom3160 uncommon bond821 what about discord?689 what lies beneath1611 winter wrap up1110 3d78247 :i1586 accordion301 alicorn amulet1886 alternate hairstyle28628 angel riding spike1 angry27668 animated99721 apple16521 apple tree3184 armor24101 athena sparkle221 ballerina1006 banjo283 barrel1634 bat ponified2757 beefspike404 behaving like a moth52 bell4527 big crown thingy2388 blue flu330 bongos134 book33949 butt touch4194 butthug367 cage994 candle4812 clothes467571 cocoon656 colt15179 comic book656 cookie zombie240 coronation dress708 costume28068 crystal2666 cup6404 cutie mark48495 cutie mark crusaders19180 cymbals189 deadmau559 dragon egg198 dress45292 drums1073 egg4019 element of magic2325 equestria games438 facehoof1769 faic12424 female1382267 filly68259 filly rainbow dash1280 filly starlight glimmer601 flashback potion222 flutterbat6889 fluttergoth831 food71559 friendship journal174 future twilight1057 gigachad spike859 glowing eyes11344 golden oaks library5164 greed spike162 grogar's bell456 happy birthday mlp:fim1303 harmonica144 helm35 hood1335 hot air balloon980 hourglass361 hug28727 i mean i see502 i see6 ice cream5121 jewelry65783 king thorax2933 levitation12312 long54 luna petting goose126 magic74323 male380549 mane six32248 mare491487 microphone5142 mlp fim's ninth anniversary313 montage77 multeity2235 musical instrument11610 naked rarity215 no sound4220 older27312 older spike5413 older twilight1787 one-pony band19 orange955 owlowiscious riding spike3 pacifier2685 pinkie hugging applejack's butt90 ponies riding gators301 power ponies2763 princess twilight 2.02474 pudding face184 punk2275 punklight sparkle761 quiet155 race swap14457 ragelight glimmer286 rainbow muzzle253 rapidash twilight398 raripunk1258 regalia20596 riding7556 shirt25568 sign4051 sleeping23709 sneaking313 snow13910 soda drink hat5 source filmmaker47424 sousaphone187 spike the dog2644 student six1648 swamp fever103 sweetie belle riding apple bloom6 t-shirt4559 tambourine494 teenage spike652 teenager4676 telekinesis28224 the cmc's cutie marks4767 ticket206 too much pink energy is dangerous313 tree32883 treelight sparkle206 twilight flopple157 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124956 twilight's castle3999 twilighting346 twilynanas136 twinkling balloon417 unicorn twilight18176 wall of tags3409 webm13792 whining240 winged spike8474 younger17595


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Jake The Army Guy

0:25 — "Where's my wings?" LOL, just wait a few more seasons, Spike.

0:40 — Applejack feels your pain, buddy…

0:44 — He probably isn't complaining…

0:56 — Seems legit.

1:03 — You stayed so Twilight could go. 10/10 little dude.

1:10 — There ya go, dude. And hey, you didn't have to take responsibility for an entire country!

Man, the sheer amount of "I'm so fucking done" faces is telling. Great little montage!

Well done. I can see that this covered every episode that Twilight, Spike, or both had a role in, no matter how big or minute. You really have to know the episodes each scene in made to truly enjoy it.
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Passionate opinionator
Finally! All this needs is that piano music that played during Homer Simpson's take on those "takes a picture for a certain length of time" videos.
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