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Something related to the next request in the pipeline. A request that features Princess Flurry Heart as an adult wearing this style of lingerie. So here she is as an adult wearing that style of lingerie. Since Flurry is the daughter of Princess Cadance, she was drawn with Cadance's seven head proportions. I omitted her alicorn wings on purpose to make drawing this easier. She will have her wings in the request. Given this a pin-up style piece, her sexiness is turned way up, she's probably not going to be this sultry in the actual request.
suggestive (122637) artist:supra80 (329) princess flurry heart (5990) alicorn (184255) anthro (219285) adult (2149) arm behind head (2019) armpits (39869) bedroom eyes (48854) breasts (226199) busty flurry heart (114) clothes (388265) female (848613) lingerie (9088) lipstick (9009) older (21605) older flurry heart (822) panties (44417) pinup (2574) sexy (21860) sketch (56883) solo (938046) solo female (163617) traditional art (105161) underwear (52984)


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