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Twilirity :
Well I got nothing to do today, so well you know it. Here’s the squad also known as Mane 7! Ehh Poor Princess Twilight, I wish she was here. Anyways, the vectors of Sunset Shimmer and Spike is not released at my deviation yet but next time. I’ll submit them (you can check at the SVG down below if you’re really being a impatience person right now lol.
safe1863093 artist:twilirity145 applejack181049 fluttershy227821 pinkie pie229752 rainbow dash249591 rarity195076 sci-twi27365 spike84058 spike the regular dog2863 sunset shimmer68925 twilight sparkle320144 dog11127 equestria girls222526 equestria girls series37287 forgotten friendship5974 absurd resolution69271 applejack's hat10452 bowtie11737 bracelet11476 clothes519391 converse6251 cowboy hat19789 dress50059 eqg promo pose set598 female1502607 freckles33262 geode of empathy3477 geode of fauna2234 geode of shielding2630 geode of sugar bombs2403 geode of super speed2920 geode of super strength2660 geode of telekinesis3360 glasses71646 group4104 hairclip1261 hairpin2789 hat99617 high heels13207 humane five4109 humane seven2980 humane six3880 jacket14808 jewelry80219 leather vest104 legs9725 looking at you196582 magical geodes10696 male423348 multicolored hair7458 pants17093 pantyhose3700 pencil skirt283 ponytail20935 pose6955 rarity peplum dress1672 sandals4835 shoes44516 simple background456438 skirt44776 sleeveless5968 smiling297567 sneakers5602 socks75217 spike's dog collar310 stetson5242 transparent background230195 vector81283 wristband4144


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This is the newer version of the previous one that was here since August last year and the old one should merged to this one. Fixed Sunset’s right ear. So please don’t reject this merge.
Previously, some BP uploaded this in a lower res, which is sucks.