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Humanized pony OC that belongs to Nagathesiren. Not sure what her name is.
safe1617180 artist:sinamuna107 oc628225 oc only418895 human146607 oni32 anklet842 armor22357 art trade1534 blushing182829 braid4954 chestplate139 chibi13484 choker10325 clothes426668 crescent moon1662 dark skin4215 dress41191 elf ears1842 eyebrows2598 eyeshadow14074 female1287346 flower23477 galaxy576 gloves18262 headband3212 horns5169 humanized96498 humanized oc2273 humanoid149 jewelry55407 long hair3766 makeup19180 moon22143 open mouth130105 personification15 pony to human119 purple background2635 purple hair617 short hair1781 silver eyes26 simple background361860 skirt37084 skirt lift4570 solo1004828 space4762 stars14298 white eyes410 winged humanization8403 wings88087


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