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suggestive (122738) artist:anthroponiessfm (1035) cozy glow (5393) diamond tiara (9465) silver spoon (6110) anthro (219470) earth pony (180383) pegasus (222342) 3d (58278) ass (39789) belly button (64215) big breasts (64090) braided ponytail (201) braless (575) breasts (226570) busty cozy glow (33) busty diamond tiara (348) busty silver spoon (223) butt (20921) cleavage (29558) clothes (388653) cozy glutes (185) female (849590) females only (10361) freckles (23812) glasses (52088) looking at you (135370) looking back (46459) miniskirt (4529) older (21624) older cozy glow (155) older diamond tiara (603) older silver spoon (554) open mouth (116358) plaid skirt (526) pleated skirt (3853) roleplay in the comments (43) school (1548) school uniform (6440) schoolgirl (1784) sexy (21904) shirt (19615) skirt (34039) skirt lift (4443) skirt pull (413) source filmmaker (34869) spread wings (45443) stupid sexy cozy glow (33) stupid sexy diamond tiara (51) stupid sexy silver spoon (19) thighs (6957) wings (65845)


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Background Pony #CB4E
@Brass Melody
Cozy: Awww, weawwy? Well, I suppose I could forgive you…!
Diamond: What a minute, "spoiled princess"?
Silver: "Brown noser"?
Cozy: Sowwy, giwls! But, don't worry! I'll let you two have a turn, after me!
Silver and Diamond: Grrr, we guess!
Cozy: If that's awwight with you, Bwassy!
Background Pony #CB4E
@Brass Melody
Cozy: Aaawww, why not start with widdle ol' me, big boy? I mean, sure I bite, but you don't want Cozy-wozy to feel all saddy-waddy now, do you?
Background Pony #CB4E
(The wind managed to die down, much to the queens' hidden disappointment, and their skirts stopped flailing around and went back down over their panties.)

Cozy: Gowwy! That bweeze suwe was naughty, wight giwls~?
Diamond: You opened that window while none of us were watching, now did you, hun?
Cozy: Well, what if I did~? You and Silver's panties actually go well together with mine, ya know?
Silver: Well, at least our teacher got a good look, now did you Mr. Pervert sir~?
Cozy: Oh, I know he did, Silvy! Plus, I think I'll leave it open for our dear old frenemies, the Cutie Mark Crusaders!
Diamond and Silver: Oh Cozy~!
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Background Pony #CB4E
(All of a sudden, a gust of wind blew from open classroom window)

All: (gasp)

(All three queens had their skirts blown up, displaying the panties they mentioned before. Of course, they did attempt to cover them, but they just giggled seductively and let their teacher enjoy the show.)
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Background Pony #CB4E
Diamond: Well, it must be pleasurable for you naughty boys out there, to see us High School Queens, the richest…!
Silver: Prettiest…~!
Cozy: And most popular…!
Diamond: …mares in Ponyville high, have our skirts blown up and our luxurious panties on display~.
All: (giggling seductively) You pervy peasants~!
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Background Pony #CB4E
What do you guys think of my comments, anyway! Be honest now, ya hear?
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Background Pony #CB4E
Oh, sorry. I don't. I wish I could, but I just wanted to make a few comments about this this artwork. Of course, Prince Areo came along and responded to one of my comments, and…I guess I got caught up doing this roleplay with him.
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