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The one drawed on Oct. 1st 2019.
It was designed and drawed just after having watched Chinese 70th Anniversary.

Haven't set an English name for her.
The Chinese name "庆国" means "celebrate for our country".

Also one of my favorite pictures.
She is so spirited in the picture.

spoiled shadow(:3ヽ)too impulse of me to use a crayon instead of pencil so that I couldn't help it back.(:3ヽ) however, it looks good someway, just not very physics.

To commemorate the new China's 70th birthday.

This might be very "politics". However, it means no offense to any other country. It is just a momento for an anniversary of one single country.(:3ヽ)
safe1555249 artist:linyangqi9 artist:林扬骐9 oc593489 oc only404111 oc:庆国1 earth pony190375 pony826444 70th anniversary1 china769 flag3346 photo70212 politics1212 red scarf14 shadow3489 smiling209770 solo959156 spirited1 standing9768 traditional art107752


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@Background Pony #042D
他们眼中的中国可能比我们眼中的美国还要恐怖专制,甚至可能觉得中国政府就是一个压迫人民、四处干涉他国内政的政府,但我们也明白其实不是这样。。。。。。每一个国家的媒体舆论都会根据政府的意愿而向人民灌输对本国政府最有利的信息来达到巩固政权的目的,所以要查明事情的真相最终还是要靠自己啊(*  ̄ー ̄)
Background Pony #6316
我觉得这儿有许多特别是美国菲律宾的网友对于中国非常有反感.. 美国或其他西方国家的国旗被点踩的比例就少多了

@Lord Goku
(:3ヽ)well this is gana be so politics maybe. Try to be just freindly.
If you have watched your own motherland's celebration of such large scale, you probably will be very proud of your motherland as well.

For China, we really have got so many achievement, such as FAST, C919, Quantum communications satellite Mo, JiaoLong the diving instrument, Kunlong the amphibious aeroplane,Modern Silk Road etc.

I know most Chinese people can't communicate on some popular websites such as youtube (and Deviantart of course, or I may also be using Deviantart now).
China has a "Fire-greatwall" so we can't upload on those website, and maybe those outside the "wall" also can't get in some Chinese website, so you may not really have much information about China, it's understandable(:3ヽ)(though I don't really know what does China look like from
your view)
Though we have less communication with foreigners on the Internet, the "wall" really defend us from unknowable virus.
((:3ヽ)It's really mysterious, though I would very like to have an outer look of the internet. However, I'm also afraid of setting the inner interner in protential risks.)

By the way, indeed, China is recently meeting a nationwide biologic problem (the new coronavirus), and we are sorry for the passers-away. But, Chinese are making concerted efforts to solve the problem.
Chinese comrades have just built LeiShenShan hosipital, in only 6 days, to fight against the virus. We also have had a lot of cured patients these days. In a word, please have faith in China! We can do with it!

(:3ヽ)We students also have learnt many lessons about patriotism.
Our new China is also established on "do for people", now most of people are proud of our country.(though we have some corrupt officials, now our country is punishing these officials, so now most of Chinese officials are honest)

@Lord Goku
I don't know what you think of the Communist Party of China.But as a Chinese, I think it's worth celebrating.
As we all know, the Communist Party of China does not like people without knowledge to talk about politic.
China and the United States have their own political sensitivities.The nature of the two is the same.
Maybe we shouldn't talk too much about politics here.
(My English is poor, so I use translation software.I hope there will be no translation problems.)