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The world spins, years pass, and everything comes to an end. Except Celestia. She sits on the shore of the last ocean, watching and waiting for her own chance at death. Because everything comes to an end if you wait long enough, and Celestia is patient indeed.

Cover artwork for a printed edition of The Mare at the End of Forever.
safe1705131 artist:pony-way304 derpibooru exclusive28364 princess celestia94964 alicorn224219 pony966374 fanfic:the mare at the end of forever1 beach14894 commission68301 dead tree339 fanfic art14337 female1361864 grayscale38067 horn67068 illustration390 mare479923 monochrome149600 ocean6492 red giant14 sad24501 sitting63148 solo1063222 sun6677 tree32206 wings107144


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This one and the other B&W fanfic covers just uploaded look like they were made by a mix of DiscordTheGE, Pony-Way, or maybe one of their friends. Can't tell for sure though.
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