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safe (1523218) artist:tiarawhy (638) edit (110664) screencap (189980) twilight sparkle (274389) pony (797923) unicorn (243280) bedroom eyes (48816) bronybait (2749) female (847537) laying on bed (722) lidded eyes (22953) mare (387618) moaning (3988) moaning in pleasure (1783) open mouth (116063) pillow (14478) scroll (3008) seductive pose (1221) sexy (21818) show accurate (9291) solo (937516) stupid sexy twilight (708)


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Background Pony #CEC1
Can anyone tell where i can find the song that plays in this video but without Juliet Starling talking over it, because i really want to listen to it while I browse though Twilight Sparkle and Lollipop Chainsaw crossover pics and I've been looking for it on YouTube for years like ever since Lollipop Chainsaw first came out?